PTHGS provides a comprehensive range of survey services and focuses on delivery of services meeting or exceeding our customers' requirements and expectations.

The Company operates both onshore and offshore and it is critically important that all operations are conducted in a manner which protects the health, safety and well-being of the company's employees and other personnel affected by our business, with due regard to preservation of the environment around us.

The objective of the QHSE Management system is to enable PTHGS to structure its business to ensure that its services are provided safely and in accordance with contractual requirements and compliance with all relevant statutory regulations.

The QHSE Management Systems and its supporting documents are based on the current issue of ISO 9001 'Quality Management Systems'. Full account is taken of the current requirements of ISO 14001 'Environmental Management Systems' and HS (G) 65 Health and Safety Regulations.

It is the responsibility of all PTHGS personnel to apply and adhere to the policies documented within the QHSE Management System and to reduce, wherever possible, any quality deficiencies, accidents and incidents.

The QHSE Management Manual describes how the QHSE Management System is designed to ensure that all requirements for Quality, Health, Safety and the Environment are recognised and that consistent and uniform standards are adequately maintained. The QHSE Management Manual also defines the means by which effective control is achieved.

PTHGS participates in programmes of performance measurement and auditing of system effectiveness. These systems enable the company to work continuously towards improvement of the QHSE Management System and its operation.

Our personnel are key to the success of the business; PTHGS is committed to the ongoing development of its staff and encourages further training and education wherever appropriate.

The QHSE Policy Statement and the QHSE Management System have been developed in conjunction with and have the complete support of the staff and management of the Company.

Yogyakarta, April 2010

- Tajul Mugni -
(Managing Director)